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At Highest Offer we are a team that know real estate because we have experience in every corner of the real estate world. Before becoming real estate agents and brokers, we were property owners. We had extensive experience managing investment properties and rentals. We have renovated and designed flip properties.

With our experience and keen understanding of real estate trends, we now coach investors and home owners. If you need to sell real estate, or simply just talk anything real estate, contact us today.

Facing Foreclosure?

The team at Highest Offer have observed far too many homeowners losing thousands of dollars in hard-earned equity. That’s a big reason why we started our firm. Being at foreclosure auctions and buying homes there, we knew distressed homeowners must not be aware of much better options. Many times the current situation is so disheartening nothing is done. Eventually these homeowners will start hearing from investors who are willing to give a cash offer. All too often the offers are too low.  Worse yet, they give no evaluation on what could be done alternatively. At Highest Offer we certainly can coach you on accepting a good cash offer; However, we also would like to evaluate your unique situation. Chances are, listing your home for sale with us could generate a much higher sales price. Who wouldn’t want to walk away from a tough time with the most possible money?

Is It Time to Sell Your Rental Property?

There are many reasons to buy, sell, or hold rental properties. At highest offer we’ve either been through or seen them all. Perhaps the one we are most focused on is the settling local real estate market. Has your rental property slowed down in appreciation, and has it appreciated to a level that you are happy with? It may be a good time to to sell. The experts at Highest Offer will examine your rental property so you can make your best financial decision.

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